Building toys for 5 year olds

8 awesome building toys for 5 year olds in 2017

Building toys are amongst the best developmental toys that can enhance varied skills and abilities amongst children. Building toys for 5 year olds can directly contribute towards enhanced hand eye coordination, improved motor and spatial skills and improved social skills. At 5 years your child will be able to visualize patterns, symmetry and understand designs and balance.

Children are able to create structures and introduce dramatic play in building structures at 5 years and up. Children at this stage are also likely to play in groups and discuss what they wish to build bringing an element of cooperative and team play in their block building sessions.   I have already included a post on the best developmental gifts for 5 year old boys. However in this post I will writing more about the best building toys for 5 year olds.

I first introduced building blocks to my son when he was one year old. Since then he has always enjoyed playing with blocks. Initially he enjoyed sorting, dumping and basic stacking with blocks. At around 2.6 years of age we were able to add an element of structured play to block building. He started enjoying trying to copy some basic block stacking designs that I made for him. I would highly recommend buying multiple block sets in different shapes and sizes.

Here are the best building toys for a 5 year old

Magna Tiles

Building toys for 5 year olds

Magna tiles are one of the best building toys for 5 year olds. These are clear colored tiles in different shapes including 50 small squares, 15 isosceles triangles, 4 large squares, 20 equilateral triangles and 11 right triangles. These can be used to create flat or 3D designs and their magnetic properties make it easy to connect them together. These tiles are great for open ended and guided or structured play. These are well built and can withstand considerable wear and tear. They also come in a nifty box and storing them after use is not a problem.

Benefits of this toy

  • Magna tiles are great building toys for 5 year olds as they teach children a variety of concepts. With these tiles your child can learn about different shapes and undertake sorting activities based on the shapes and colors of the tiles.
  • These tiles are great for teaching children symmetry, balance, geometry, angles and counting.
  • Since these magnetic tiles stick well to each other and cannot be easily knocked over, they can be used for creating structures that have greater stability. Completing a structure can give children a great confidence boost. Children can also learn about gravity and other scientific concepts through these tiles.
  • Magna tiles can be successfully used in group play activities and children can learn about teamwork, cooperation and problem solving as well as critical thinking while building structures in a group.
  • Magna tiles are also great for language building and can foster creativity among kids. Each time a child creates a castle, a zoo, farm or other structure it enhances his creativity. This allows children to bring an element of dramatic play enhancing imagination.
  • Building toys for 5 year olds are great at enhancing fine motor skills. Magna tiles in particular are great for improving fine motor skills as children have to grasp and hold the tiles and connect them together.
  • Magna tiles encourage children to explore different objects and construction ideas and each time your child builds a new design, it enhances his critical thinking and cognitive processes.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Building block set

Building toys for 5 year olds

Traditional wooden building toys for 5 year olds can be a great choice as these help children learn about balance as well as problem solving. The Melissa and Doug Wooden building block set includes well designed wooden blocks that come in nine varied shapes and four colors. Since these come in varied shapes this is an ideal toy for children and can enhance their creativity. Kids can use these blocks to create different structures. These blocks are made of high quality wood and have rounded edges as well as smooth finish.

Benefits of this toy

  • Melissa and Doug wooden toy set can be one of the best building toys for 5 year olds as it can enhance spatial awareness among children. Each time children follow instructions in putting a structure together they are understanding spatial orientation and spatial visualization.
  • This toy can enhance the mental visualization required to build structures. This toy can also contribute towards enhanced creativity and imagination.
  • Since this toy includes blocks of different shapes and colors children can get a better understanding about shapes and geometric concepts such as angles. Children can learn about balance and stability.
  • This toy can also be used for enhancing mathematical concepts such as counting and sorting.
  • Building toys for 5 year olds can be great tools for dramatic play as children can construct, castles, railway stations, barns and whole variety of other structures and include role play by acting out scenarios.
  • This toy can be used for structured block play where the child copies a design created by a teacher or an adult. Structured block play is critically important for enhancing skills such as patterning, visualization, balance, symmetry, estimation, measurement, etc.
  • This toy can also be used in group play and can be effective in enhancing language and social skills.

ETI toys

Building toys for 5 year olds

ETI toys is a colorful non toxic 85 piece building toy set with multiple blocks, screws and bolts. It is one of the best manipulative building toys for 5 year olds which can support independent as well as structured play. In fact this toy comes with an 80 page ebook that contains as many as 12 different toy designs. The blocks are washable and can be stored in the easy to carry storage case.

Benefits of this toy

  • ETI toy blocks require children to hold and attach block pieces with the aid of screws and screwdriver. This requires considerable manipulation. This toy is great for enhancing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination among children.
  • This block set is also great for enhancing logical and critical thinking along with problem solving. Each time your child copies a design from the book he is exercising his cognitive skills.
  • This block set also allows creation of unique designs and is perfect for open ended play thereby enhancing creativity and imagination.

Keva Brain Builders

Building toys for 5 year olds

Keva Brain Builders can be one of the best building toys for 5 year olds. This toy features 20 well designed wooden planks with smooth finish. This toy comes with 30 cards that have different designs on both sides. Children have to use the wooden planks to recreate the designs shown on the cards. This is one of the best structured block games available in the market. The designs on the cards have grading including basic and expert levels. This is one of the games that can really grow with your child.

Benefits of this toy

  • What makes Keva Brain builders one of the best building toys for 5 year olds is that it enhances cognitive and problem solving skills among children. Since children have to follow the designs shown on each card they are able to understand spatial relations better.
  • This toy also enhances manual dexterity and ensures that children make coordinated use of hands. This toy works on the grasp as well as release function, strengthening the finger and hand muscles.
  • This toy can contribute towards development of patience as kids have to sit in a place to complete the task at hand.
  • Each time children are able to correctly create a design, it adds to their self confidence.
  • This toy can be used in a group play activity and can contribute towards teamwork, participation, cooperation, planning and improved interaction.
  • This toy can also be a great way to bond with your child and this can contribute towards improved social and language skills.

Camelot Jr

Building toys for 5 year olds

Camelot Jr is a stunning game featuring high quality wooden building blocks. This game comes with blocks and 48 picture challenges ranging from easy to complex. Children have to use the blocks to recreate the 2D images and connect the prince and princess into actual 3D structures. This is a great puzzle game and can be play independently or in groups. Younger children can use the blocks to create independent designs while children 5 years and up can solve the challenges. This possibility of independent as well as structured play makes Camelot Jr one of the best building toys for 5 year olds.

Benefits of this toy

  • This toy is great for enhancing logic as well as sequential thinking among children.
  • Camelot Jr is also great for enhancing motor skills as children have to grasp, stack and arrange pieces.
  • This toy also contributes towards enhanced problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • This is a great game for understanding and practicing spatial relationships.

Lego Creative Medium Block set

gifts for 5 year old boys

The Lego Creative Medium Block set is a collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors that are perfect for open ended play. It features 18 wheel rims, 18 tires, 3 sets of eyes and an 8 x 16 cm base plate. The set comes with a convenient plastic storage box and also has some ideas book to get kid started. This set is perfect for structured and independent play making it one of the best building toys for 5 year olds.

Benefits of this toy

  • Lego Creative medium blocks can be the perfect building toys for 5 year olds as these can foster imagination and creativity among kids as they try to build new structures, vehicles and creatures with the blocks.
  • This set is great for building logical thinking and sequencing as children try to follow the ideas and create a design shown in the book.
  • Since this block set allows for creation of variety of items like animals, vehicles, cars, robots, etc it is ideal for enhancing role playing and pretend play activities.

Tinker toy

Building toys for 5 year olds

Tinker toy is one of the classic building toys for 5 year olds that can truly foster imagination and creativity among children. This set features 100 different colorful pieces including rods, flags, spools, end caps, washers, etc. These parts can bend and can be used to create a wide variety of items and structures. This toy set comes with 13 building ideas and children can follow the directions to create such items a animals, windmill, house, flower, car, etc.

Benefits of this toys

  • Tinker toy has a large number of small or compact elements that require bending and snapping. Since a great deal of manipulation is required to create a structure this set is perfect for enhancing the hand eye coordination and fine motor skills among children.
  • Tinker toy is also great in improving logical thinking and problem solving among children.
  • This toy is great for enhancing spatial awareness among children. Kids also learn how parts combine to form a whole.

Zoob building set

Building toys for 5 year olds

Zoob building set is one of the best building toys for 5 year olds featuring colorful pieces which include joints, axels, gears which connect by clicking, popping and snapping. The parts have rotating as well as spinning features which ensure that the creations can actually move around and can be played with. Instead of stacking zoob pieces implement dynamic movement. This set comes with a guide providing instructions to creating 30 designs.

Benefits of this toy

  • Zoob building toys for 5 year olds enhance dexterity and fine motor skills among children. Since kids have to manipulate, click, snap and connect pieces it enhances the hand eye coordination.
  • With zoob toys kids can have a better understanding of spatial relationships. Following the instructions and creating new designs allows development of logical thinking, sequencing and problem solving.
  • Each time children create a moving model and manipulate its different parts they get a better understanding of mechanical, biological and anatomical structures and their movements.
  • This set is great for fostering creativity and encourage independent thinking among kids. Each time your child tries to create a unique or different design it adds to his imagination.

How to use building toys for 5 year olds?

  • In order to derive the best benefit from building toys for 5 year olds ensure that you make a lot of encouraging comments or I notice, I wonder comments while watching your child indulge in block play. Such comments encourage dialogue about the block playing process and children are able to learn more about the structures they are creating.
  • Open ended questions encourage improved learning and contribute towards improved language skills.
  • Try to include small accessories to the blocks including small road signs, small dolls, animals and other characters. Such characters can be added to the blocks and this encourages imaginative or pretend play among children.
  • Include open block play along with structured play. Sorting blocks based on color, shape and size is a great way to indulge in structured play. While open play is great for fostering creativity, structured play can also contribute towards improved logical thinking and enhanced problem solving skills.
  • Try and ensure that you have sufficient block pieces for group play. Building toys for 5 year olds can really enhance language skills and social skills particularly when they are used in a group setting.

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